Tutor Training

Community literacy agencies offer training to volunteer tutors using a variety of methods. All agencies view tutor training as a key component of delivering literacy services to adult learners.

After extensive research within the community-based literacy field, Community Literacy of Ontario developed the Standard for the Training of Volunteer Tutors”. It is a voluntary standard meant to provide agencies with a tool to evaluate and enhance the practices currently being utilized.

We have also summarized the standard below:

CLO’s Standard for the Training of Volunteer Tutors: Initial Tutor Training
Initial tutor training should include at least 15 hours of instruction time that uses a variety of instructional methods. Potential tutors should be given opportunities to actively gain and practice their new skills.

Training should include the following components:

A. Understanding the Need for Literacy Training

  • Reasons why people come to community-based programs
  • Factors affecting learning
  • Effects of low/limited literacy skills on an individual
  • Awareness of literacy issues in Canada and what this means locally

B.  Understanding the Role of the Tutor

  • Creating a positive learning environment
  • Using a learning outcomes approach
  • Monitoring and recording the learner’s progress
  • Commitment to active/ongoing learning
  • Knowing your responsibilities as a tutor

C.  Understanding the Adult Learner

  • Characteristics of adult literacy learners and adult learning principles
  • Accommodating learning styles
  • Understanding special needs
  • Goal-setting
  • Supporting learner input and participation

D.  Understanding Service Delivery

  • How to get started with teaching Reading, Writing and Numeracy
  • Introduction to the five LBS Levels
  • Using appropriate strategies for teaching Reading, Writing and Numeracy
  • Lesson planning and tutoring with an outcomes-based focus.
  • Finding, creating, and modifying learning materials
  • Providing feedback to learners and the agency

Tutor Training Opportunities
Most tutor training in Ontario is provided at the local program level. In a few regions, regional training opportunities are provided. With the growth of the Internet, diverse online tutor training opportunities are available.

Laubach Literacy Ontario offers tutor training to its member programs across the provincial using the Laubach method. Learn more about Laubach Literacy Ontario’s training.