Once your agency has a clear understanding of its needs, and can describe the type of volunteers they are looking for, then the time has come to develop a strategy for where and how you are going to recruit new people. There are countless resources available in print and online to assist with this step. Here are links to some excellent and practical resources for developing a recruiting strategy for your agency.

Community Literacy of Ontario Resources:

Strategic Recruiting: Using Creative Communication Principles to Find the People You Need
A series of exercises designed to help your agency clearly identify who you are trying to recruit and how to structure your recruitment message accordingly.

Beyond Recruitment: Recruiting and Maintaining Volunteers in the New Environment

This document is organized as six modules that explore the issues of recruitment in the 21st century:

  • The Changing Volunteer Environment
  • The New Volunteer
  • Getting the Right Volunteers
  • So Where Are They?
  • Retaining Volunteers
  • Acknowledging Volunteer Involvement

Literacy Basics is a free, self-directed online training website for Ontario literacy practitioners. This innovative training website was researched, written and designed by Community Literacy of Ontario. Literacy Basics has a module dedicated to Volunteer Management with an excellent section on recruiting volunteers.

Developing Job Descriptions in Ontario’s Community Literacy Agencies
Every position in your organization, whether paid or volunteer, should have job description. The volunteer job description is a critical part of any information package you might offer to potential volunteers. This CLO resource provides sample job descriptions for the various positions within literacy organizations.

ABC’s of Volunteer Recruitment
This resource provides an assortment of recruiting ideas collected from literacy agencies across the province. 

Volunteer Management Toolkit
This resource has chapters, resources and practical suggestions for each of the components of the Volunteer Management cycle, suggestions for intake and screening, sample application forms and countless other practical tools for Volunteer Management.

Other Links:

Laubach Literacy Ontario’s website has a wide variety of helpful resources related to volunteer management and tutor training. is a virtual resource centre for the voluntary sector.

The website of Volunteer Canada contains a wealth of information on volunteer management. For example, the website has a series of Fact Sheets, including "How Welcoming and Healthy Is Your Group? A Check-Up For Volunteer Recruitment".

To access to wide variety of resources on volunteer management visit the website of the Voluntary Sector Knowledge Network. For example, see this link to called "How to Find and Choose Good Volunteers".