Out of Pocket Expenses

In addition to the economic value of work done by literacy volunteers, CLO also inquired about the out-of-pocket expenses that volunteers incurred as a result of their involvement in community literacy programs. Forty-six percent of the volunteer respondents reported they did incur out-of-pocket expenses, while 51% said they did not (the remaining 3% were either not sure or did not answer).

These expenses, when not reimbursed through the literacy agencies also represent an economic contribution of volunteers to literacy agencies.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses as Reported by Literacy Volunteers

Expense Percent of total(N=204) who incur expense Percent not reimbursed
Car/mileage/gas 38% 88%
Resource materials/supplies 14% 83%
Office materials 13% 85%
Meals/food/coffee 10% 95%
Photocopying/printing 8% 88%
Parking 7% 86%
Student supplies 6% 58%
Phone/long distance 6% 92%
Bus fare 6% 92%
Books 5% 90%
Special activities 4% 100%
Childcare 3% 100%
Other 2% 100%