The Right Message

“Remember that volunteers come to you because of something they want — not something you want.”

(Source — Literacy Basics website)

Developing the right message to attract volunteers is critical. Too often, literacy programs try to recruit volunteers based on the fact that they “need volunteers.” The reality is that all not-for-profits which utilize the skills and services of volunteers can make that very same claim. These blanket requests for help tend to blend in with all the other recruiting that is happening in your community. They don’t help your organization to stand out from a myriad of other organizations and they don’t tell potential volunteers what they might get out of a volunteer opportunity. Your message needs to reach their motives.

CLO’s Strategic Recruiting resource contains a series of exercises to help organizations express their recruiting message in a way that will reach the right people.

Commit to Finding the Right People
When thinking about recruitment it is important to not use an "anybody will do" approach. People want to make a difference; they don't want to merely be a warm body. Be committed to recruiting people whose skills and interests match your needs. Be honest about the time and skill requirements involved. Your commitment to finding the right people for the job begins by a clearly communicating your needs and expectations when advertising for volunteers.