Economic Value

Contributions in Time and Dollar Value
Survey responses were used to estimate how many hours per month volunteers spent on a range of tasks in a typical literacy agency. The tasks were intentionally grouped into categories similar to a National Occupational Categories (NOC) in order to assign a current market wage to each type of work. The table below shows the average hours and the average hourly wage assigned to each category.

Volunteer Categories and Estimated Time as Reported by Agencies

Task Category Average hours/ month/agency N=53 Average hourly wage
Tutoring and preparation (NOC 4216) 354.8 $14.34
Board Work (NOC 0014) 29.5 $25.86
Office support (NOC 1441) 111.4 $14.87
Communications and Special Events (NOC 5124) 107.5 $21.85
Computer support (NOC 2282) 30.3 $17.05
Total 633.5 $18.80

The average total hours donated to agencies monthly
The survey results returned by the agencies demonstrate an average of 633.5 volunteer hours worked per month per agency. Multiplying that by the total number of agencies in the province (105) gives a total monthly volunteer contribution of 66,517 hours to community-based literacy agencies in the province of Ontario.

The estimated yearly economic contribution of volunteers per agency
From other research with Ontario’s community literacy agencies, CLO knows that volunteers contribute an average of 10 months of work to their literacy agencies per year. Taking the figure of 633.5 hours/month/agency and multiplying it by 10 months results in a total estimated yearly contribution of 6,335 hours per year per agency. At an average hourly rate of $18.80, we get a total estimated contribution of $119,098 per agency or $12,505,290 for all 105 agencies.

Rounded off, this means that volunteers in community literacy agencies contribute a whopping $12.5 million dollars in time annually to the Ontario training system.

A more detailed analysis of the methodology and results of the Valued Added Survey are available in the CLO publication Literacy Volunteers – Valued Added, available on the CLO website.